About James McGee Music

I am a songwriter who lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Jumpcuts Live, Tuesday @ The Tennessee

Well, well, well! Finally out of the basement and onto the streets of Parkdale.  Played a set with the Jumpcuts last night at the Tennessee and had a great time doing a mix of originals and covers. Small loyal crowd (read girlfriends, friends, open stage attendees).

The Tennessee has a charming funk that is typical of the area (check out Parts and Labour, Not My Dog etc.) And not a Le Chateau in sight! The bar is under new ownership since January, but still committed to the music policy Mitzi’s Sister (the former tenant) established.

Late start. But well worth the wait. I wanted the rest of my band mates to check out the facilities before we did two sets on the October the 7th and Chris the owner accomodated us. Remarkably it came together, despite my bandmates protestations.  Here’s one of the songs from the night.

Johnston comes off the DH to sing with the Jumpcuts

Johnston is in! nancy my heart belongs to jimmy lrAfter spending the summer months recovering from a wrist injury acquired during an unfortunate skateboarding accident, original Jumpcut Nancy Johnston will be joining us at the Tennessee for a featured performance.

Nancy will be singing her favourite Jumpcut songs along with a few hand picked covers. Don’t miss the performance, October 7th-2015. The Tennessee Tavern.

Jimmy and The Jumpcuts, Live @ The Tennessee, October 7th 2015

There comes a time in every musicians life where (and I want you to think now of the spawning habits of the salmon) must, for whatever reason, get out and play live. I know I’ve used the anaolgy before, but if the fln fits, start swimming.

So in that spirit I (Jimmy) will be playing a gig at the Tennessee on October 7th, 2015 accompanied by good friends and musicians (The Jumpcuts)  who have been supporting me in my writing aspirations on and off for over 30 years – Bill White bassist, Glen McFadyen guitarist, and most recently Fergus Tyrrell guitar/vocals and David Beaver on drums.

We will be doing two sets of originals and covers for your listening pleasure. The first set will be at 9pm.

Reserve the date now: October 7th-2015, Tennessee Tavern, Toronto.


The Great Open Stage Tour

Since Matty won’t call (and I’ve beat that riff to death anyways) it’s time to take some of the songs out on the road and trying out the various “open stages” in the  GTA. So far the boys and I (aka Jimmy and The Jumpcuts) have explored three: Dave’s on St. Clair, The Old Nick on the Danforth, and Revolucion at Keele and Dundas in the Junction.

Dave’s on St. Clair, Thursday

Run by Jay Parnell the night is well organized and well attended.  The event starts at 9pm (it could start earlier) and goes past the midnight hour. The night is run with a steady hand by Mr. Parnell and features a wide gamut of talent. We managed to get the first spot and played our three songs.

Old Nick, Tuesday Night

Noisy, noisy,noisy. I presume the bar is packed with people heading towards the Music Hall or having a break from the festivities.

La Revolucion, Thursday Night

Wonderful Mexican restaurant just east of Keele and Dundas on the fringe of the junction. The night is run by acoustic guitar whiz Michael Keith and features a wide range of talent and skill.

He gives us the first slot and we play five of our songs. He is complimentary and suggests we inquire about a full band gig at the bar.

In conclusion…

Open mic nights provide a great opportunity to tune your chops. They are a commitment (take as much time as a regular full band gig, but with less stage time.) Choose wisely.  Scout the place out before hand. There’s nothing worse than playing for two people at 130am.

As the journey continues I will bring you more insights from the world of the open stage.